Red Lion

There are a number of HMIs out on the market to choose from. Red Lion, with its wide variety of products and easy to use Crimson software, provides equipment that is easily integrated into almost any system. This makes the Red Lion series of products a frequent choice for us and our customers, whether the job is designing a brand new control system or retrofitting an existing one.

One thing that puts Red Lion’s HMIs above the competition is their integrated Ethernet and web servers. These allow for remote monitoring and even operation of the HMI from any PC with an internet connection. In addition, built in protocol convertors (gateways) allow for easy communication with any PLC or similar device.

Kane Engineering has extensive knowledge of many of the Red Lion products, having used them in quite a few different applications. Whether simply using the HMI as a control, gathering Key Performance Indicators, or tying in a barcode scanner or laser profiling device such as LMI Technology’s Gocator, Kane Engineering Group Inc has the expertise to make any Red Lion HMI an effective and easy to use solution for your company.